1/2" separable cross wrench
Model: 1/2" separable cross wrench
Material:Chrome vanadium

Finish: Matte golden, chrome-plated
Weight: 2kg
Main unit: 1/2" separable cross wrench
Accessories: Two 1/2" dual-head sockets
(17mm x 19mm; 21mm x 23mm)
Package: PVC bag x 1pc
Package: 12 sets / 0.7 cu. ft. carton
Features: กฐ Patented in Taiwan and the U.S.
กฐ Uniquely designed #-shape is separable for easy storage
กฐ Can be assembled in two steps; extended 12"-long lever allows easier,
กฐ laborsaving application. When used as a cross wrench, the transverse
กฐ lever can be rotated quickly and independently without activating the
กฐ handle for easier and quicker tire removal
กฐ Delivering torque of 60kgs and is equipped with two dual-head sockets
กฐ (17mm x 19mm; 21mm x 23mm)

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